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skilpad het nie vere nie, en appels is nie pere nie – lit. "tortoises haven't got feathers, and apples are not pears". It's a kid's rhyme that discusses a mistruth. It is the Afrikaans equal of "liar liar trousers on hearth."

Sifiso is a significant and sturdy name for any boy that is destined to accomplish wonderful points in life which is only a few needs absent. This name implies ‘desire.’

chuck – "depart". Equivalent of American "to bounce". Examples: "Occur bru lets chuck" or "sorry can not go to the braai i gotta chuck." Should you be amusing you could say, "boet, I really need to make like Norris and Chuck."

There are several unique filters you can use Using the look for API. Underneath I'll provide you with some examples on how you can go People filters into

Unlike most Worldwide porridges, pap (specially the aforementioned phutupap and stywepap versions) is usually served at the two breakfast and evening meal times inside the Northern half on the state.

se gat – expression of sturdy disagreement usually employed in conjunction with "se moer" & "jou gat" (your arse).

This also relates to Do-it-yourself-initiatives. One example is: The Boer is getting ready to braai, but he cannot locate a BBQ grill any place around-hand (and that is needed for a braai), so he appears about and spots an all-aluminium browsing trolley nearby, which he decides to use as an alternative for your grill.

Peppermint Crisp - is often a milk chocolate bar invented in South Africa by Wilson-Rowntree, now made by Swiss chocolatier Nestlé. It features skinny layers of milk chocolate and check here tubes of mint-flavoured toffee. It's also commonly employed for a topping with a milk-dependent tart that shares its identify.

paplepel – lit. "pap-spoon"; a wood spoon Utilized in the making of pap, but will also be used to give a hiding

This Zulu title, indicating ‘shadow’ has observed average achievements in other Xhosa tribes. We’d recommend you concentrate on a playful nickname for this fairly really serious identify.

X – To pronounce the lateral click, x, spot the suggestion on the tongue against the difficult palate as in case you ended up going to make the n sound. Push a single aspect in the tongue from the aspect on the jaw. Then, devoid of shifting the tip of the tongue with the hard palate, withdraw the aspect sharply within the jaw.

Theoretically, you could feed in items A great deal closer to SGML, however , you may on a regular basis desire to customize the parser for almost any specific SGML.

The best filter is often a string. Go a string to a search approach and Beautiful Soup will complete a match from

Returns None when almost nothing matches. This also signifies You cannot truly chain these, since that'll very easily lead to an AttributeError complaining you happen to be seeking to do a little something on None.

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